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Brushing Your Labradoodle

When your Labradoodle has short hair, an inch or two, regular brushing with a pin brush or slicker can work just fine. Once the hair gets longer, it is important to make sure you are reaching all the way to the base of the hair.  If not, loose hair is not removed below the surface and matts will begin to form.  If that hair builds up, it is not going to be possible to clip the hair at a decent length and the only alternative will be to shave the hair close to the skin.  In order to keep a coat longer than and inch or so, you will want to use a technique called line brushing.

Line brushing start partLine Brushing

It is simply done by parting the coat with your free hand and brushing the loose hair on the other side of the part, starting at the base of the hair.  With every other stroke or so, you can bring down a small bit of the hair being held up by your hand.  This continues so that every stroke you are brushing through a new, thin “line” of hair.  You will slowly move your hand up that section of coat.  Start low on a section of the body and work your way up.  This method can be done with a pin brush, slicker brush and/or comb.

Using the edge of the pin brush, start brushing from the part, down the length of the hair.