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Annie and Tycho 5 mosI just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how our blue boy, Tycho, is doing and say thank you! He’s adorable, happy, and playful. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy! Between Tom taking him to work and me playing with him after work, he’s pretty spoiled and always loved. Even though he always gets attention, he does well on his own when we leave the house once in a while. Now that he’s lost almost all of his teeth (only one canine left!) he’s much less bitey and nippy, which we’re happy for. He listens to and knows come, no, sit, shake, down, lets go to work, lets go potty, and give Mom kisses! So far, he’s picked things up quickly and easily! Running around outside and playing fetch is one of his favorite things, as is curling up in our laps to take a nap! He’s getting pretty big, about 20 lbs. now and his legs are unbelievably long! Though, I’m pretty sure he will forever think he’s a lap dog. 🙂 He is starting to look like his real daddy, Max and older siblings. I think he understands that when we say “Mom and Dad”, he knows it’s me and Tom. I told him he looked like his Dad a few days ago and he looked right at Tom and cocked his head. It was adorable! Again, thank you SO much for our wonderful puppy! We love and adore him!

-Annie and Tom

KingBelinda and King 6 mo

King is doing AWESOME!!! Just wanted to send you a pic of how great he looks and how big he’s grown. I can’t go anywhere without people going crazy about him. He was the perfect match for me, I’m so grateful for all your hard work as a breeder. King’s health is A+ and he doesn’t tangle, I only brush his hair maybe every 3 weeks, it’s unbelievable he does not shed, not a hair! He’s still training every Monday and is the best in his class, always showing off and doing everything to perfection:)…. I can’t wait to get another puppy from you, I want 3 Labradoodles, me and my husband and kids fight over King everyday, he’s so spoiled. I’m very pleased:) Thank u, thank u, thank u!!!!


FollyComing up on five months old, Folly is turning into a wonderful addition to our family. She appears much more Poodle-like in her personality than Lab-like, which has surprised me, but the benefit to this is her obvious intelligence and an extremely strong ability to be in-tune with her human companions. Every morning I think she could not be happier than she is when she sees me and gets to love on me…until my boys wake up and approach her and she loves on them! She just loves us all! Although she is still quite cautious, she does love an adventure and experiences serious offense if we try to get in the car without her. We allowed her to test her swimming skills before the weather got too cool and look forward to more of that next summer as she was just starting to really enjoy it when fall came on. She loves hiking as much as the rest of us do, and we look forward to her being trained well enough to hike off-leash with us next summer. She thought fallen leaves were the greatest thing in the world…until she got to play in the snow. We are training with Pikes Peak Manners in Minutes, where she is learning the fine art of negotiation with a pack of older, more socially experienced dogs. We saw the benefits of this system recently when we took her to Breckenridge and she proved that at 4.5 months, her social skills with other dogs were already superior to those of much older dogs. With this system, her intelligence is highlighted and she learns new commands very quickly. Her overall temperament is wonderful, and she brings great joy to our whole family.



Sadie 3yr and Sophie Pressley

Sadie at 3 years old with her sister Sophie

Sadie did great at puppy class. She was a bit terrified at the prospect of going into the puppy pen with the other rambunctious youngsters but by the end she was having fun. We practiced walking on the leash in the class and I swear she’s only done it one day and she has it down pat. She’s a smart cookie that one. Sophie is doing a great job with her.  The trainer pulled me aside and said I should be grateful I didn’t have one of those OTHER puppies (crazy pure labs…. and I mean CRAZY).

She’s learning new things every day… we’ve mastered going DOWN the stairs, but she’s still terrified to go up and has only gone one step up. She’s been in the car a few times and loves that. She rode in the back of the 4runner and did great. She’s no longer afraid of the dogs next door. OH, and she’s sleeping through the night for the last 3 nights.  I totally forgot the best news….. She’s going about 11pm till 6am. Today it was 5:30– which is still middle of the night in my book, but today was Scott’s day off so he got up with her. Hopefully, she’ll learn to sleep in just a little bit longer?

We love her sooo much already!
PS I love having a new office mate so I had to take a photo of her under the desk sleeping.

Thanks again– Leanne


Tatum, Molly 10 wks Layla8:8:11redJust wanted to share a few pics of our sweet Molly!  She is so perfect we couldn’t have asked for anything more!As you remember our daughter Tatum has special needs & loves dogs.  We were hoping for Molly to be sweet and attentive to her needs.  You should see Molly with her, it is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!!  Molly will sit with Tatum for up to 30 minutes at a time.  From the moment we got her home they have been pals and will be forever friends 🙂 I can tell you Molly is fully aware that Tatum has special needs, she just knows.  The best part is Tatum loves her just as much!  She gives the perfect kisses and her gentleness as a puppy amazes me.  Molly is completely house trained only after a few days and knows the command sit so far. At night she sleeps with us and wakes me with kisses when she needs to go out.  We are now up to 6 hours at night. 🙂 We will start her puppy training class on Friday and can’t wait!  She is so calm.  It seems to me that once she does anything 2 or 3 times with praises and training treats she has already learned the command. Such a smart little love!  When Molly does get her bursts of energy she will then calm right down.  She stays at our feet when we are on the couch and also follows us around everywhere.  Yesterday she came along to our son’s football game and was an angel.  Not shy at all with all the kids and parents who were just in love with her and her green eyes.  Anyway we love her and are so thankful you helped us pick the best puppy for our family and our needs.  Once it is time for another dog we will for sure be calling you!



Brisby 9 mo

The boys a day before kindergarten.

Aug, 13, 2013

Just a quick update on Brisby. He’s doing great. I am really impressed with his temperament. He is very calm and focused. Of course he has his doodle puppy craziness but he likes to be with people and just hang.
He went to Alex’s special needs preschool and did such a beautiful job was invited back every Monday for help with some of the kids. Really, already helping. It’s amazing. We thought he would just help Alex, but he’s doing such good for the other kids. And Alex is so proud. Its already done some great things for his self esteem.  You’ve helped a huge group of folks with this pup. Thank you.
Puppy class starts in two weeks. He’s already mastered sit, down, drop it, and come.
Smart pup.
We hope you are doing well up in that beautiful town of yours.Thanks again for our lovely boy.

Love, Jenn

Sept. 17, 2013

Brisby and Grace at Children's Cancer Fund of New Mexico.

Brisby and Grace at Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico.

Just wanted to send you the latest update. We deal regularly with Children’s Cancer Fund of NM and currently Grace is going through post treatment counseling there.
Brisby still has two months to go to receive his CGC title (since he is not yet a year old) and then can move to specialize hospital visit training. However, after bringing him to the Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico Offices, the employees have asked if he can become a regular to help with pediatric therapy. We stayed there for quite awhile after Grace’s appt. with Brisby off lead in the building. He had free reign and met everyone so well and even stayed with Grace during part of her appointment.
What a delightful opportunity. This is definitely what we are planning on doing with our second doodle. I assumed Brisby would soley help my children but it looks like he might be spreading love to hundreds of other kids going through the tough battle of cancer or its aftermath.
What a tribute to the dogs you breed. Everyone kept commenting on his amazing temperament and gentleness.
We are so happy with him and look forward to sharing our second doodle with these children and their families.
Thank you for the joy you have given not only to us, but to so many here in Albuquerque.

Love, Jenn


Jackson 13wks Duchin Orange

Thanks for checking in! Jackson is doing great 🙂 He is a lot more active and rambunctious since we first got him, but he still has a wonderful temperament and rarely bites or jumps up! His training is coming along very nicely. He is so smart and such a quick learner! He even sleeps through the night in his crate – we could not be any happier. Thank you so so so much!

He has his own blog



Just wanted to write and tell you that Mabel is by far the best dog we’ve ever had. She’s smart, sweet, mellow – it’s hard to believe she’s not even a year old! She learns things immediately, I’ve never experienced her level of intelligence in any other dog. We’ve had no issues with anything at all. She loves our (almost 3 year old) son – she is so good with him.

We’re super thankful for her and very thankful that we found Rocky Mountain Labradoodles. I’m sure we’ll add another one of your pups into the mix in the next year or two.

Thanks again for our amazing pup!

Love, Leigh, Drew and Porter