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Labradoodle Puppy Supplies

Your Puppy will go home with-8 weeks Red
  • Lupine collar and leash
  •  tag with HomeAgain microchip information
  •  soft toy from West Paw Design
  • 3 pound bag of Life’s Abundance Puppy and Dog Food that he has been eating
  • Tasty Rewards treats
  • sample of NuVet Plus Supplements
  • folder with all of his papers.
  • Information about puppies
You will also want have other essentials before your puppy comes home……


lifes-abundanceAll RML breeding dogs and their puppies are fed Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food.

The puppies and their mother eat Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food for Puppies and Adult Dogs.  I only  trust this food and their treats for my dogs.  The 3 pound bag that you will get from me will last about 5 days.  You will want to keep your puppy on Life’s Abundance food and treats for the best nutrition and health of your puppy.  Sign up for the auto-shipping that gives you 20% off the retail price and don’t worry about ever forgetting to buy dog food again.  Life’s Abundance is not sold in stores and is guaranteed to be fresh since it is delivered straight to your door from the manufacture.

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RML puppies are given NuVet Plus Supplements.Nuvet

The puppies are given NuVet Plus supplements to add to their overall health and to help with the stress of going to their new home.  My dogs get their daily tablet as a treat.  They love the flavor and I definitely see more vitality in them on NuVet Plus.  The puppies get one tablet a day that I brake up into fourths and use it as a treat.

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Lifes-Abundance-BioDeodorizer-Spray-lgWhen accidents happen, you need a good, pet safe cleaner that will totally take the smell from the site.

BioDeodorizer gets rid of odors by digesting their sources, utilizing friendly bacteria that eliminate organic wastes. It’s non-toxic, fully biodegradable, has a neutral pH and contains no harmful phosphates. It is safe for use on tile and carpet, trash receptacles, recycle bins, hampers, even drain lines! Eliminates odors from pet beds and pet accidents on carpet and grout, and freshens litter boxes.

Life’s Abundance – BioDeodorizer Spray
32 ounces
Comes with a heavy-duty sprayer nozzle!

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bowlsYou will need one for water and one for food.

Stainless, crockery or ceramic are the best type of bowls to use. They are sturdy and are easy to keep clean. As your puppy grows, it is good to raise the bowls up so they are level to the dog’s front chest. This makes it easier for them to eat and drink.

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Den-HausEssential for house training and a safe place for your puppy when you are out.

Crate training gives a puppy their own place to be and feel safe and at the same time giving you an essential house training tool.

If you are going to crate train you will want one the first night you bring puppy home or even for the car ride home.

You will want to buy one that is the size your adult dog will fit in. You will also want to get a pad for your puppies comfort that is made for the dimensions of the crate.

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Grooming Tools

brushesBrushing your doodle every week or more will keep him looking and feeling great.

Puppy hair is almost worry free. Until their adult hair grows in, the coat does not take much maintenance. However, you will want to get your puppy used to being handled and groomed. A small soft slicker brush is good or a small pin bush is fine. When he is older you might want to add a wide tooth metal comb and de-matting comb.

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toysFor the fun of it

Toys are not just to spoil your puppy. They are good for exercise, give an alternative to chewing your things, and provide mental stimulation. Make sure the toys you choose cannot splinter, be torn apart or swallowed. Old clothes such as socks and shoes are not good to use since it tells your puppy that is okay to chew your things.

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Collar and Leash

Lupine-Collar-and-LeadsAll Rocky Mountain Labradoodles come with a collar and leash from Lupine Pet made in the USA and guaranteed even if chewed.  The leash might last a lifetime but, your puppy will outgrow his collar. A collar is a necessity that can also be a fashion statement. Just make sure it is of good quality and fits properly. Make sure you check the fit frequently as your puppy is growing.

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ID Tag

tagsJust in case

All Rocky Mountain Labradoodles come with a microchip and a tag with the chip number on it for identification. The plastic tag will eventually wear and be hard to read. It is good to get a metal tag with the chip number on it and your phone number and other information as you feel fit. It will speed up the process if your pup is ever lost.

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bedsA liner for your puppy’s crate will make his house a home. When he is older and completely house trained, a bed can be traded for his crate or an additional place to relax.

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