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Guardian Homes

Why a Guardian Home?

Tula with child Darcie Birch At Rocky Mountain Labradoodles all of my labradoodles live in a forever family home. Being committed to producing the highest quality labradoodles, I believe all labradoodles need the attention and companionship of living in a loving home.  This includes raising my breeding labradoodles and their puppies in a home, not in a kennel situation.  I also feel that dogs make lifetime bonds with their family and deserve to stay with them.  For this reason, I feel a commitment to my dogs to keep them with their family and not re-home after they retire.  In order to maintain this standard and at the same time expand my breeding program, my future breeding labradoodles are placed in qualified guardian homes.

What does it mean to be a Guardian Home?

A guardian home is a family that receives a top quality breeding puppy to become a member of their family.  There is a $500 refundable deposit with no charge for the puppy.  In exchange for a “Pick of the litter labradoodle,”  the family agrees to follow the conditions set out by Rocky Mountain Labradoodles while it is in my breeding program.  When the labradoodle is retired from breeding (about 5 years of age), I pay for spay or neutering and the deposit is refunded.  The labradoodle remains with it’s family to continue his or her life with them.

Guardian-home-2Some of the things required of a Guardian Home

  • Live within a about 2-2.5 hour drive from Salida, Colorado
  • Fully secure fenced yard
  • Feed only quality food recommended by Rocky Mountain Labradoodles
  • Complete the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program by the time the puppy is 2 years old.
  • Understand the issues and responsibilities of caring for a breeding dog
  • Willingness to return the dog to us during breeding and whelping.
  • Agree to regular health, and veterinary care, and vaccinations
  • Communicate freely with us about the health and condition of the dog

Benefits of being a Guardian Home

  • Receive the best quality breeding puppy chosen by the breeder
  • I will take the dog into my care when the family goes on vacation
  • I pay for the cost of the spay or neuter when the dog is retired from breeding
  • Discounts to guardian families wanting an additional puppy from us
  • Providing a breeding dog a family for LIFE, never experiencing life in a kennel or being re-homed after they are retired

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Home please contact us.