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Labradoodle Information

History of the Labradoodle Breed

The Labradoodle first originated in Australia when the first intentional purpose-bred mating of a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle was initiated by Wally Conran of the Royal Guide Dogs in Victoria Australia. A vision impaired woman in Hawaii needed a Guide Dog which wouldn’t aggravate her husband’s allergies.

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Choosing a Labradoodle Breeder

Finding the right labradoodle breeder to trust with getting your puppy from can be an exhausting search.

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Labradoodle sizes

Labradoodles come in three designated sizes.  Here at RML, we breed two of the sizes, standard and medium.

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Aussie 1Grooming Your Labradoodle

Your Labradoodle puppy’s coat requires little brushing but, needs to be brushed everyday to get use to grooming when they are older.  They will need to be groomed and clipped periodically as adults.  Depending on how curly their coat is, your lifestyle and preference will determine how you will want to maintain your Labradoodle.

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Useful Links About Labradoodles

There is a lot of information about all aspects of Labradoodle puppies online. The link below will bring up a PDF file containing hot links to the most useful of all this information. We suggest you start with these links in your search for information about Labradoodle puppies.

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