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As a breeder and dog lover, it is a main concern that my dogs receive only the best diet I can give them. That is why I feed Life’s Abundance. All of my dogs are fed the food and spoiled with the nutritious treats. My girls are extremely healthy, have no problem with breeding, birthing and rearing their puppies. The puppies are healthy at birth, consistently put on weight, and easily transition to Life’s Abundance dry food through weaning. We can not control certain aspects of our dog’s health. We can give them optimum health with quality food. Whether you are a breeder or have a dog as a member of your family, I recommend Life’s Abundance for your dog to attain a long, healthy and happy life. -Karen Elliott

Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food for

Puppies & Adult Dogs

Size bag to order:

  • For standard size puppies20 lb.bag  (for 20% discount, order 10 week autoship frequency)
  • For medium size puppies –  8 lb. bag  (for 20% discount, order 6 week autoship frequency)

Puppy Pak

Each Pak contains:

Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food (20 lb. bag)
Life’s Abundance Wellness Food Supplement (60 tablet bottle)
Antioxidant Health Bars (24 ounce jar)
Tasty Rewards Training Treats (4 ounce bag)
Medium Porkhide Bones (4 bones in a bag)
Ear Care Formula (4 ounce bottle)
Revitalizing Shampoo (12 ounce bottle)
Bath Fresh Mist (8 ounce spray bottle)
Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food (20 lb. bag)
The Truth About Pet Food DVD (FREE)

Daily Nutritional System-Large

Each System contains:

  • 20 lbs.bag of Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food 
  • 60 chewable tablets of Wellness Food Supplement 

– to provide your dog with excellent nutrition, every single day. Not only can you help meet your dog’s unique dietary requirements, you can take advantage of the savings offered by purchasing a Daily Nutritional System.

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Life’s Abundance…

  • Is a holistic formula void of artificial colors, flavors and unnecessary fillers
  • Has NO corn, NO Wheat, NO soy and NO glutens
  • Has NEVER been recalled
  • Is an “All Life Stages” food which mimics the natural feeding cycle of dogs in the wild or natural environment
  • Uses high-quality proteins, a unique antioxidant system, omega 3 fatty acids as well as vitamins, pre and probiotics, mineral and fiber
  • Delivered straight to your door to ensure freshness and maximum nutritional value