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Sitting Gunnison 3 yrsArborGate King of the Castle
ALAA- 022256

SIZE: Standard- 23.5 inches, 50 pounds
COLOR: Apricot (Bbee)
COAT: Fleece
GENERATION: Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodle
HIPS: Dr. Wallace OFA- Good
ELBOWS: Dr. Wallace OFA- Normal
EYES: PRA- Clear, CERF- Normal
DOB: 12/9/10

Gunnison is a wonderful boy and I am so happy to add him to our program. He brings some different lines to add with the RML lines. He is a happy fella with a great disposition. He lives with his guardian family here in Salida.

3 yrs Standing Gunnison3 yrs Happy Gunnison