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1 year DollyRocky Mountain Phantom Midge

SIZE:  Medium- 19 inches, 43 pounds
COLOR: Black
COAT:  Wavy Fleece
GENERATION: Multi-generation Australian Labradoodle
HIPS:  OFA- Excellent
ELBOWS:  OFA- Normal
EYES: PRA- Clear CERF- Normal
DOB: 6-2-13
SIRE: ArborGate King of the Castle (Gunnison)
DAM: Rocky Mountain Knockout (Lucy)

Midge is a real lover that would just like to hang with you and snuggle on the couch.  She is a mellow girl that also enjoys a nice hike with people and other dogs.  She is a beautiful girl that has a nice balanced build on a stocky frame.  Her coat is a gorgeous, thick, almost straight, soft fleece.  She lives here with me and my other three girls.


1 yr Dolly stand