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Reserve Your Labradoode Puppy

Arah Rudy 7mo

Rocky Mountain Labrdoodles is committed to producing the best quality Labradoodles we can.  All our breeding dogs are registered with the ALAA(Australian Labradoodle Association of America), extensively health tested, and chosen for their intelligence, friendly disposition, conformation, and beautiful coat. The cost of our puppies includes a two year health guarantee, spay/neuter, microchip, ALAA registration and taxes.  In addition, we are here for you and your puppy for his or her entire life.

Rocky Mountain Labradoodle Puppies are $2,700

Shipping in the continental USA is $500. The price includes; the flight, health certificate, transportation to airport, crate appointed for commercial airline travel and traveling blanket with home’s scent for reassurance. Please check with us on the cost of international flights.

How to Reserve Your Puppy

  • First, you will need to fill out and sign the Puppy Application and send it in. Simply click Puppy Application. This gives me valuable information about what you are looking for in a puppy. It also helps with making sure the puppy’s needs are met. Before or after filling out the application, we will visit over the phone and go over questions we both have.
  • To reserve a puppy, a deposit of $350 will secure your place for a puppy in the litter of your choice. You can mail a check or money order. I also take payments through Paypal with an additional service fee of $10. Let me know if you will be using Paypal and I will send you an invoice.

The order that deposits are received determines the order in which the puppies are picked.
I reserve the right to retain any puppy/puppies from a litter as a future breeder.

As They Grow

  • I will send emails updating the progress of the breeding, pregnancy and birth of the puppies.
  • Puppy photos will be updated on the “Available Puppies “ page starting when the puppies are 3 weeks of age.
  • When the puppies are 5 weeks old, you will receive an email with information about puppies, recommended reading and what you will need to do and get before your puppy comes home. Along with that will be the total for the balance for your puppy.
  • Balance is due when the puppies are 7 weeks old.
  • When the puppies are around 7 weeks old, families are welcome to visit our home and pick their puppy.
  • By 8 weeks old, the final decisions will be made on where the puppies will go. Using your input and my observations of the litter and daily handling of the individual puppies, each family and I will decide the appropriate puppy for them.
  • Around this time we will schedule visits for puppy pick up. If your puppy is being shipped to you, we will discuss the particulars of the flight. I will book the flight and make the necessary arrangements for travel.
  • The puppies are spayed and neutered at 8 weeks old. They will also get their microchips and first set of vaccinations at this time.
  • Puppies can go to their new homes when they are around 9 weeks old. If you cannot pick up your puppy when the litter goes home, I will keep them up to four days.  There is a charge of $30 per day for boarding.
  • When you pick them up, you will be getting the puppy pack with a bag of Life’s Abundance food and some of their nutritious treats, a toy with their litter and mother’s scent to ease the transition, a collar and leash, a folder with all their papers including; puppy information, microchip registration and the Purchase Agreement/Health Guarantee that we will sign here.
  • If your puppy is being shipped, you will receive the puppy pack in the mail when the puppies are 8 weeks old.
  • It usually takes a month after the puppies go home for me to receive the registration papers from the ALAA. It will be mailed to you once I have it.


  • The balance of the puppy will be due when they are 7 weeks old. The invoice is emailed to you along with helpful puppy information when they are 5 weeks old. If the puppy is going to be shipped to you, the $400 cost for shipping will be added to the balance. Any fights out of the USA will need to be calculated on an individual basis.
  • You can mail a check or money order.
  • We also take payments through Paypal with an additional service fee of 3%. Let us know if you will be using Paypal and we will send you an invoice.

Part of the Family

As a part of the Rocky Mountain Labradoodle family, you will have lifetime support from me in regards to your labradoodle. You can contact me anytime with questions or for some advice. I am always happy to help.  Mostly, it warms my heart to hear how one of our puppies is doing along with their loving family.