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The goal of Rocky Mountain Labradoodles is to breed exceptional labradoodles to carry on the traits that make this breed so wonderful


I am a small labradoodle breeder that fell in love with the breed and strives to produce quality labradoodle dogs. I breed only the healthiest parent labradoodles that have exceptional dispositions and conformation according to the Australian Labradoodle breed standard. I believe that to attain a quality dog, puppies need to be raised with love, and attention to physical and mental health. At Rocky Mountain Labradoodles, the litters are raised in our home. Each puppy gets an abundance of care, attention, and love.

Dogs have been a part of my family since I can remember. As a young woman, I worked in veterinary clinics and studied animal science at college. Years ago I was confronted with finding a new dog to add to my life. After much research, I was compelled to become involved with the labradoodle breed. I found these dogs to be absolutely amazing. It was also the passion that the breeders and owners have for their dogs which I found contagious. From there I set out and became involved.

I am a registered ALAA breeder. I am passionate about my dogs, I love my dogs, and am very proud to be a labradoodle breeder.

Karen Elliott

The Rocky Mountain Labradoodle Way

Pepe blue Siercks 3 mosThe health and emotional state of our mothers is the first thing of importance for insuring healthy and happy puppies. All our mothers live in a lifetime home as family members. They live like many family dogs, of a stress free life surrounded by love. This is great for their individual health and for the health of their developing, unborn puppies. They are fed high quality dog food from Life’s Abundance at all times, providing the best nutrition for them and their puppies.

Before mothers are due to give birth, they come to my home to settle into the nursery.  It is a quiet room in the house that is especially for our mothers and their puppies.  The room is relaxing and calm.  It has radiant floor heat, dim-able lighting and a personal doggy door and yard area for the mother’s privacy.  I have a comfortable futon couch for myself.  I am there during birth to help out and encourage her.  I then spend the next five nights or so with her to lend a hand if she or the puppies need it.

Chloe in the nursery with pups.

Chloe in the nursery with pups.

1 day Gracie w-litter

Form the moment the puppies are born they are handled. Following developmental stages that all puppies go through as they grow, our puppies are handled and exposed to new experiences and stimulating objects appropriate for each stage.

The following is an outline of puppy stages and things Rocky Mountain Labradoodle puppies experience.

Neo-natal Period (1-14 days) Eyes and ears are closed. Puppies nurse, sleep and crawl.

Puppies start with basic daily handling to chart the puppies’ weight and check their health.

Layla Pups close up day 2Day three Bio Sensor Program neurological stimulation starts and lasts 14 days.  This is a once a day handling program that has increased benefits for:

  • cardiovascular health
  • adrenal glands
  • immune system
  • nervous system

Transition Period (14-21 days) Eyes and ears open and  puppies begin to walk.

Puppies are given toys with different textures and sounds.
They are individually handled daily.

Awareness/Identification Period (21-28 days)All senses are functioning, puppy teeth erupting.

6.5 weeks O KhanPuppies are moved to the main room to experience household sights and sounds.
Their whelping box is opened to create designated sleep, play and potty areas.
Puppies are given different toys to interact with.

Through out the day puppies are exposed to different sights and sounds such as; plastic bags being shaken out, ringing bells and popping bubble wrap.

Second Awareness/Identification Period (28-35 days)Improved depth perception and more physical play.

Puppies start eating softened food.
They begin to have play time outside with different objects to play on.
Daily handling continues in addition to being groomed.

Daytime puppy play pen

Daytime puppy play pen

Inside older puppy pen

Indoor pen for the older puppies with a puppy door to an outside pen.

Curiosity Period (5-7 weeks)Puppies become more investigative and are weaning from their mother.

The whelping box is replaced with a large crate and inside pen, along with access to an outdoor pen. They have separate eating and play areas with the crate for sleeping.

They begin to use dog door to potty outside.
Puppies start eating dry kibble.
They are meeting and interact with visitors.

Jackson w- Sy+Molly 5 wks


Behavioral Refinement Period (7-9 weeks)Learning at full capacity and dog to dog behavior.

Puppies are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and get their microchip.
They are introduced to walking on a leash.
Puppies spend time with the big dogs exploring the rest of our property.
They continue meeting and interact with visitors.
Puppies go to their forever homes at nine weeks.

Puppies with Layla exploring fenced in part of the property.

Puppies with Layla exploring fenced in part of the property.


Adding a labradoodle puppy to your family is a big decision.  It is a long term commitment with responsibilities of raising and caring for a life.  Finding the right puppy to bring into the family can be a daunting task. Like any breed, there are many breeders with different ethics and varying qualities of labradoodles. I encourage you to look at different breeders, ask questions of them and labradoodle owners to get a feel for the breed.  This will help you decide what breeder you can trust and rely on with the kind of labradoodle you are looking for.